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Black Tea

The type which is most commonly consumed– Black tea is a more oxidized form of tea which is packed with rich and strong clonal flavors. Low caffeine content, a strong brew and numerous health benefits are factors that work in its favor.
Black tea mainly comes in two variants – CTC; which is preferred to be consumed with milk, and Orthodox; which has its own unique malty taste. A strong Assam CTC/Orthodox cup is highly sought after the world over.

Green Tea

A widely acclaimed healthy beverage – Green tea is desired by majority due to its anti-oxidant properties. Made essentially from the same plant, camellia sinesis, it’s the fermenting process which makes all the difference and helps retain its polyphenol content. Let’s raise a cup to all things good and tasteful!

Flavored Tea

Flavor – Freshness – Tea – Surely some of the best things do come in small packages!
Here we take the cherished opportunity to provide you with a tasteful concoction of the best teas blended with fresh flavors while you savor a special moment with Zaira Tea!

Speciality Tea

The teas under this category are the ones you want to try to experience the Taste of Luxury. Particularly handpicked to indulge your palette, paradoxically they leave you satisfied yet craving for more!


The Infusions at Zaira are refreshing, colorful and will linger your tastebuds with their fabulous and original flavors. This extra special cup will be your go to tea at any hour during the day. Awaken your senses and build your tea palette with our special Infusion cups.

Dessert Tea

Craving a dessert? On a diet? Both decadent and low-calorie, perfect for after-dinner sipping or as an early-morning indulgence, these aromatic and flavorful dessert teas can satisfy your sweet-tooth without packing on the pounds. Get your favorite dessert in a cup, only for you!
Note: Minimal Caffeine Content

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Quality Tea

Receive your Zaira pack of garden fresh leaves which is dispatched after strignent quality checks.


We ship to any part of the world and guarantee dispatch the same day. National Delivery in 2 working days and International delivery within 7 working days.

Unique Packaging

Eco-friendly, vibrant and easy to use packaging that preserves the freshness and flavor of our teas.

One-Stop Solution

Zaira is your go to place for any tea query, tea purchase and all gifting solutions.

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Purchase securely through card or cash, knowing our team is here to protect you

Luxury Collection

Premium handpicked tea variety from the best estates across India. Relish your tea while we filter the quality aspects.

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What are the flavors available at Zaira Tea?

We, at Zaira Tea, bring to you unique range of flavors handpicked from the best tea estates across India. Our best-sellers include the Hand Rolled Oolong tea, Kashmiri Kahwa and the most sought after Kaddah. Our collection also includes the Indian Masala Chai, Himalayan Green Tea, Chamomile Marigold Green Tea, Lemon Green Tea, Black Tea, Darjeeling Tea, and many more great flavours ready for you to try out.

Why Buy Tea Online?

By purchasing tea online, you get the comfort of exploring the entire range of tea right from the comfort of your home. You also get to compare between the various varieties, blends, and flavours available and can take your time to decide. When you make a purchase online at Zaira Tea, you get the freedom to get your favourite blend shipped right to your doorstep and to any part of the world.

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With Zaira Tea, you get to shop fresh loose-leaf tea from the best tea estates across India, at less than half the price compared to any other brand in our league. Explore the concoction of the best teas blended with fresh flavours. Zaira Tea uses eco-friendly and easy to use packaging that preserves the freshness and flavour of the tea. We also specialize in tea gifting solutions for all occasions including corporate gift boxes and platters.

About Zaira Tea

Zaira Tea is your one-stop solution for all kinds of tea related queries. We guarantee that you shall taste the briskness of our hard work in every sip. We deal with premium hand-picked variety of tea from the best tea estates. An online tea store brand with focus only on teas, we ship worldwide. Our products go through stringent quality checks so that you relish your tea while we filter the quality aspects.