10 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Tea

interesting facts about tea

For so many of us, tea is an essential part of our daily routine and yet we know so little about that fortifying little cup of strength that sees us through our bad days and helps us dance our way through the good ones. If you’re reading this, chances are that you’re a tea lover.

This is a list of interesting facts and trivia about our favourite beverage- chai!

  • Tea was discovered by accident. Legend says that the beverage was discovered when leaves from tea bushes accidentally fell into the water servants were boiling for Emperor Shen Nong in 2737 BC. Initially, it was considered to be a tonic and used only for medicinal purposes.
  • All teas are made from the same plant– Camellia Sinensis. Black tea, white tea, green tea, oolong tea etc are all made from the same plant. They taste, look and smell different only because of the difference in their processing. Black tea is fermented, oolong tea is semi-fermented and green tea is unfermented. White tea is also unfermented but is made from the unopened buds of the plant which gives it a vegetal taste.
  • Tea leaves can be used as mosquito repellent. Tea leaves, especially green tea leaves are a natural and environment-friendly way of keeping mosquitoes at bay.
  • Tea bags were created by accident. In 1904, Thomas Sullivan- an American tea merchant invented tea bags unknowingly when he sent out samples of his tea in silk pouches. People did not know they were supposed to empty out the pouch, so they dipped the entire pouch into boiling water. Thus, tea bags were invented and have been the popular convenient method of drinking tea ever since.
  • You can buy a diamond teabag for charity. The most expensive tea bag in the world is a diamond teabag by Boodles Jewelers in England. The tea bag is worth $15,250 and contains 280 diamonds and is used to raise money for charity.
  • Herbal tea is not really tea. Herbal tea is not really tea since it is not made entirely from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant. It is simply an infusion of the bark, flowers, roots, leaves and seeds of the plant.
  • Not just a woman’s job. Although in India, preparing and pouring tea is considered to be a woman’s job, in Morocco, pouring tea is a man’s job. It is also necessary here to have a slightly frothy head in each glass which is why he is supposed to pour tea holding the spout high above the glass.
  • Tea is the chosen beverage of the environment conscious. Tea is environmentally friendly and an all-natural beverage coming from a renewable source. The plant- Camellia Sinensis naturally resists mosquitoes which eliminates or at least reduces the use of pesticides, the processing of tea leaves is a natural process and the packaging for tea leaves can easily be made bio-degradable.
  • Loose tea over teabags. Loose tea leaves remain fresh for about two years. Store tea in airtight containers since it can absorb moisture and go bad. Using loose tea leaves instead of teabags is the responsible and environment friendly thing to do and it also makes your tea taste so much better.
  • Tea can boost brain power. L-theanine present in tea helps to relax the brain and reduce stress. This makes tea the perfect beverage to wind down with. Tea surprisingly, is also the best beverage to keep you awake and alert without harming your body with too much caffeine. It helps to sharpen the mind and boosts memory.

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