The Beauty of a Pyramid Tea Bag

Pyramid tea bags

Stir your mind with a perfect combination. Envisage the distinct flavour, the smooth taste of perfectly steeped tea with the amazing convenience of a tea bag. Enrich your tea drinking experience with an innovative type of tea brewing. Forget conventional tea bags, the pyramid tea bags are here to set a new trend.


There are two types of pyramid bags – a cheap version made from nylon and the premium version made from cornstarch material. They are often used to separate premium, specialty teas from regular teas.


Whole leaf teas get the space to expand and brew perfectly – just like they would in a teapot. Besides, tea is not hidden within the bleached paper. It is available for inspection behind a glistening diaphanous filter. Small wonder, Zaira tea has discovered the ethereal beauty of pyramid tea bags and has chosen to offer this privilege to clients who deserve the best in everything.


Here are some reasons why pyramid teabags work better.



The shape of the pyramid bag lets the ingredients to unfurl and expand. As a result, it allows all the flavors to be fully released. Also, the whole leaf is able to be used instead of tea particles.



The shape of the bags offers more options for ingredients. With conventional round paper teabags, only tiny dust particles can be used. However, with pyramid bags, there is enough space to allow for dried fruit pieces, leaves, flowers, spices et al.  Because of this, you will find it is tough to find pyramid tea bags that are individually enveloped. The bulkiness of pyramid teabags does not easily allow for standard individual envelope packaging.



Pyramid teabags look nice. Imagine giving tea as a gift to your friend or client. You are likely to feel more confident while offering pyramid teabags instead of paper teabags. Rest assured, nothing beats watching the ingredients swirl around in the pyramid teabag. Leaves no worry about cleaning up and discarding loose leaf leftovers.



Loose leaf tea has become highly popular these days because of unique flavor profiles and a stronger flavour. But these teas are inconvenient as you need to have a strainer or filter bags. Take a look at major loose leaf teas around the world and they have started to offer pyramid bagged teas because of growing demand from customers who find loose leaf tea too inconvenient. Also, the tea leaves do not get damaged or squashed.



To enjoy a perfect cup of tea, right mix in right measure is the key. And pyramid tea bags make a perfectly proportional measurement to make up to 350 ml of tea absolutely possible. As a result, pyramid tea bags have emerged as the better choice and this is likely to grow in the future.

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