Brewing the Perfect Cup for Yourself

Brewing the perfect cup of tea is an art, acquired over time and perfected with attention and knowledge. One wouldn’t say there’s a wrong way to brew tea, but it’s not as easy as you think. Knowing how to brew tea correctly makes all the difference between an incredible experience and an unremarkable one. So here’s our take on how to get that perfect brew.



Let’s start with the core ingredient- Water. It’s safe to say that using good quality water is almost as important as using good quality tea leaves. Brewing the perfect cup of tea starts with the use of freshly drawn, cold water. This water should contain some natural minerals that enhance the tea’s flavor. However, if infused with impurities and pollutants, tends to have the opposite effect. So, be sure to use fresh, clean water. While preparing the tea, bring the water to a slow boil before adding the tea leaves to help bring out the best flavor.



The right temperature for boiling water is the second step to the perfect cup of tea. Different variants of tea require the water to boil to different temperatures. For instance, while preparing lighter teas like Green Tea, a cooler temperature helps bring out a complex and full-flavored brew. However, black tea requires the water to be at a very high temperature, ensuring a strong brew with adequate depth in flavor.



This step is where you make it or break it. If the tea is infused for less time, in all likelihood, the tea will be weak and watery. Whereas, infusing it for too long can make the tea bitter. In this case, too, different variants of tea need to be infused differently. Delicate teas like Green Tea is infused for a short time, roughly 1 to 3 minutes to bring out the right flavor while black teas benefit from a longer brewing time of 3-5 minutes.



The right cup for tea can also make a big difference to your steeped tea. Using a metal cup will make the tea taste metallic. In a plastic cup – the tannins stick to the side of the cup. Ceramic is the most popular cup used – but the material is porous, making your tea cool down quicker. The material that works the best – Porcelain, and it’s so British. Porcelain does not alter the taste, it keeps the tea warm and they look beautiful.


Though these are the general rules for brewing the perfect cup of tea, we urge you to experiment a little and find the brew that caters to your taste buds. Once the tea has been brewed, you can add honey, sugar or lemon to give it some more flavors. Though, in our personal opinion, drinking it plain is the way to go.

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