Importance of tea in bringing generations closer

zaira Tea importance black tea

In a world where generation gap has become a common household problem and relationships are facing acute stress, tea has emerged as a strong source of nurturing family ties and bringing generations closer.

We are leading such busy lives that it has become difficult for members of the family to spend a few moments together even for sharing the simple joys of life. Such isolated existence is harmful like the free radicals circulating in the human body. Tea, with its anti-oxidant properties, plays a positive role in making us emotionally connected. When we sit together and sip a cup of tea with parents, siblings, and grandparents, we feel refreshed and charged. Relationships come alive. Tea makes it possible for us to strengthen and build relationships. Have you felt a similar urge to experience the goodness of tea with your loved ones at home?

Elderly folks in our families suffer from loneliness. They feel unwanted and isolated. As if they are a burden to the family now. It certainly invigorates them when the grand-daughter comes and shares a cup of tea with them, cracking jokes and sharing small details about her friends at school or college. Their sense of belonging gets a boost. The warmth in the relationship is back. They become excited and revel in unbound joy, sharing anecdotes and taking a jog down the memory lane.

Tea provides a wonderful opportunity to revive and build relationships. Mr. Khanna, a retired professor, sips his cup of tea with his media professional grandson, Avtar, who credits learning a lot about history from him. He also shares the developments in his personal life with Mr Khanna before he does it with any other member. Their tea-drinking session lasts for half an hour – with a lively discussion of the headlines to conclude it.

Families are disintegrating due to various reasons. We are witnessing the collapse of the traditional systems and new ones are replacing them because of the compulsions of jobs and career. We find stress all around us and in such times it is becoming difficult to live with parents.

We do not think problems can be solved because we do not have the time to discuss and analyse those problems. If the son faces any emotional stress, he needs to share his problem with his dear ones. If the father sits and chats with his son over a cup of tea, it certainly generates a sense of camaraderie. The son feels closer to his father for he tried to listen to him. And there is nothing better than listening to each other over a cup of tea. Thankfully, many complications are diluted at this early stage.

Tea definitely plays a constructive role even though it is an excuse to join in and talk. Many lifestyle-oriented problems are addressed with generations coming closer through such warm gestures. Time is perhaps the most important thing to give someone you love. Therefore, it is important for a progressive and healthy family to realise the importance of spending time together, over a cup of tea obviously. It is a nice, warm approach to begin the day. Besides, it is also quite effective in taking proper care of the relationships you value. The ones you would like to stay healthy forever.

Drink Zaira tea with your loved ones and feel generations come closer than ever before!

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