Winter Teas : Say no to ailments this winter

Winter Tea

Seasonal changes bring in health problems. With the sudden dip in temperature levels, seasonal affective disorder and sore throat are common. Counter these ailments with natural remedies – without syrups or chewable cough drops. Boost your immunity with cups of teas and derive immense healing benefits – including relief from common cold and fever.

Bodily imbalances occur in autumn and winter due to illnesses arising from fluctuating weather, reduced activity, or the decreased daylight hours. Teas support the body’s resilience and also correct the imbalance. The process of blending and the ritual of making and drinking tea is a good way to tune into the slower rhythms of the season. And it is therapeutic.

Amazing benefits of having a Winter Tea

Avoid the Flu
Winter heralds the season of flu. More people are shopping, holidaying, travelling and entertaining than any other time of the year. Hectic activity leads to a weakened immune system prone to germ attacks. Studies reveal green tea contains antiviral properties – helps prevent the flu.

Wake Up

The winter months carry the shortest days of the year. With the sun rising late and setting early, it is difficult to energize in the morning. If you are looking for a slight boost, a cup of tea will do you good.

Stay Hydrated
During the winter months, you are less likely to remain hydrated. When it is hot during the summer, you are more likely to drink water. When it is colder outside, you do not remember to stay hydrated. Drinking tea helps you stay hydrated through the winter season.


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Zaira Tea introduces few of the best Winter Tea options for you: 


Moringa Ginger Tea

Moringa Ginger Tea is made from pure organic ginger in combination with moringa extracts that are dried and preserved with its natural flavor. Ginger is known for inflammation reduction. It is a natural tea without caffeine and does not
carry side effects – a gentle cleansing and calming tea. It possesses anti-oxidants, increases the energy level and boosts the immune system. Its consumption results in healthier blood naturally and improves mobility and flexibility. It fights common respiratory problems and reduces inflammation.

Kahwa Tea

Kahwa tea has an amazing combination of delicious taste, aroma and health benefits. It has been known to be a part of Kashmir’s cuisine. Owing to the presence of saffron, it serves as a warming drink and helps to withstand the cold winters. The saffron in Kahwa tea is an excellent source of vitamin B 12, which helps to recharge the body’s defense mechanism. It serves as a perfect home remedy for cold, sore throat and chest congestion. Kahwa tea helps to instantly recharge you whenever you feel tired.

Kaddha Tea

When someone suffers from cold, flu, infection, sore throat or body ache, women in the Indian household prepare ‘Kadha’. It is a medicinal tea – health in a cup with a mixture of several healing spices. Cinnamon improves circulation and provides relief from cramps. Ginger helps with congestion. Saffron as a stimulant relieves dry cough and headaches. Tulsi or Holy Basil is a tonic, a transformative that keeps a person healthy if it is consumed regularly. Cloves open up the body channels – anti-microbial and used as an oral antiseptic. Cardamom seeds are used for detoxification. With so much packed in the brew to restore health and protect you from cold, it is the first and the most preferred domestic remedy suggested by mothers and grandmothers.

Tip: Add a little honey to your cup as honey contains iron, phosphorus, calcium, sodium, and potassium. It is great for heart, throat, chest, and blood.

Lemon Green Tea

Lemon green tea holds a generous supply of antioxidants along with the goodness of lemon. It contains other types of phytonutrients resulting in high body energy and strengthening your immunity system. It is easy to drink three cups of lemon green tea in a day. Complementary flavours of lemon and green tea make it delicious. The citrus juice present in lemon brings out the tea’s antioxidants – makes it easier for your body to absorb the nutrients. The nutrients supplied by lemon to your body are phenolic antioxidants, vitamin C, and carotenes. For people who suffer from cold throughout the year, this tea with lemon helps to treat the cold. Longtime consumption of this beverage removes traces of cold altogether from the system. The essential oils present in the lemon juice offer antimicrobial benefits.

Make tea-drinking into a daily ritual. Snuggle in a blanket and hold a cup of tea – to keep winter woes at bay.

It helps you get through even the toughest of winters!

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