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Tea Meditation

We are constantly juggling between our personal and professional lives, rarely stopping to look around and take everything in. Every now and then, every individual needs a little time to sit back and find some comfort and peace from the daily humdrum of life. This is why Meditation is so important for each one of us chasing the herd for unknown motives.

Meditation is an age-old technique, practiced over centuries, to relieve one from stress and anxiety and to help live healthier lives. You can trace this practice back to Eastern civilizations that thrived in China, India, Japan and other Asian countries, which embraced tea drinking as a spiritual path to peaceful and healthier lives. Drinking tea is often considered a technique of meditation, owing to the drink’s therapeutic characteristics and blissful aromas. Tea helps create a connection between one’s body and soul, bringing peace to the mind.

Tea for meditation can be traced back to the Japanese culture, fitting perfectly into the lives of Zen monks. It’s powerful aromas and calming qualities made tea a perfect addition to the lives of Zen monks, who were constantly in search of Satori (enlightenment, or sudden awakening) in the midst of everyday life. The Japanese tea ceremony is called chanoyu, a powerful method of Zen meditation. The tradition helps remind one to accept the transient nature of life and therefore, enjoy the moment. The Japanese performed this ritual with complete acceptance of one’s life and to do so with a sense of gratitude and thankfulness.

Start by making your own cup of tea. Being involved in the process of making tea is as much a part of the meditation as is drinking the tea when it’s ready. Once it’s ready, find a quiet place to sip the tea, gently taking in the aroma and the flavor of it. Drink the tea with complete mindfulness, savoring every sip. While doing so, don’t forget to acknowledge the thoughts in your mind, while leaving behind the past and the present, being thankful for having that cup in your hand and then returning to the act of meditation.

The Japanese ritual is probably a lot more complicated for us to practice in the chaos of our daily lives. So instead, adopt simpler ways of drinking tea that is profoundly nourishing and beneficial. This simple tea meditation, which can be done in as little as 10 minutes and as long as one full hour (it’s really up to you).

It indeed has a whole list of great benefits. 

  1. Tea meditation helps create a sense of gratitude for life.
  2. Helps you accept everything as it is with peace and clarity.
  3. Starting your day with a cup of tea is a great ritual to build into your life and will help lead a healthier-happier life.
  4. The benefits of the tea along with the benefits of meditation combine to give you a soulful experience with good taste.

Whether you’re drinking tea by yourself or with family and friends, be sure to be mindfully aware of the process and do so with an open heart. If done well, this ritual is sure to transform your life, bringing to you positivity and peace of mind.

Watch the video below to believe the existence of something so profound in something so common for each of us. This video can help you get an idea of what it’s actually like to simply sit with your cup of tea in mindfulness:

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