Tea is the Perfect Gift : 5 Reasons Why

tea gift

Giving a gift, in many ways is an extremely personal thing to do- it presumes that you are aware of what the receiver might enjoy or already likes. In a way, a gift is often reflective of how we perceive a person in our life, which is why gifting is considered to be an art form not many excel at.

Buying a gift for your near and dear ones may be easier than buying one for a colleague because the question of appropriateness doesn’t arise. Or, it may be the other way around where you might be more comfortable buying something safe for an acquaintance rather than go into agony deciding what to get your sister for her birthday.

The best way to ensure that you pick the right gift for the right person is to have a fail-safe option, and the best fail-safe gift, in my opinion, is tea. Read on to know the 5 reasons why tea makes for the perfect gift.

1. Affordable

Tea is an affordable gift to give- one that you can replenish without occasion if the receiver happened to really enjoy it. It’s also a gift that most people wouldn’t feel awkward asking details about, handing you a conversation starter as well.

2. Appropriate for Everyone

For close friends and family, you already know the kinds of teas they might enjoy, so gifting them that very kind of tea should be an easy and thoughtful gift to give. For acquaintances, tea is impersonal enough if you gift them a variety and thoughtful too if you add a card with a comment about your favorites.

3. Easily Available

Luxury tea is now an easily available option. You can get it at a supermarket or if you want a more presentable box, you can buy it online. In either case, it’s a convenient option for quick gifting purposes.

4. Makes a Great Hamper

It’s the ideal gift when you want a gift to look large and plentiful but don’t want to spend too much money on it. Throw in a few varieties of teas such as Green tea, Oolong tea, and Chamomile tea along with a few condiments and savories and you have a great tea-time present anyone would appreciate.

5. Perfect for All Occasions

Sending out wedding invites? Have a friend who just got engaged? Need an affordable corporate gift for the festive season? Tea is your best bet. As part of a wedding invite, tea is an unconventional and rich choice to make. Avoid the regular sweets and choose something that will last your guests much longer. A tea hamper with soothing, calming teas and some essential oils would make a perfect gift for a would-be bride. For your corporate clients and customers- a gift of tea would help you stand out while keeping your budget in check.

If you have the opportunity to show your warmth and genuine concern for people who matter in your life, trust tea as the perfect gift item to work wonders for you.

Zaira Tea has a large variety of tea gifting options in an array of budgets to suit every need. You can choose from wooden boxes, to gifting trays to arrange your teas in and really lean into the art of giving gifts. Happy gifting!

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