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Assam enjoys the distinction of being the world’s largest tea-plantation state. The home to the origin of Indian Tea some 165 years ago, the full-bodied and malty flavored Assam Tea is relished by tea drinkers the world over. Black tea is a specialty of this region that all tea drinkers love to sip.

When you sip Assam Tea in your home or office in any part of the country, you are reminded of the amazing destination where the tea is grown. Majestic mountains, lush greenery, and a pleasant climate render it a popular spot for eco vacations. Covering a vast stretch of 216200 hectares, the sprawling tea gardens in Assam infuse a special charm to the scenic landscape. More than 100 tea estates have their gardens here.

As a result, tea garden tourism has become popular just like the captive taste of Assam tea. Have you explored the idea of visiting Assam to drink freshly picked Assam Tea from the gardens in the backyard? If you have not been there yet, make a trip and experience heaven on earth. Once you get a real taste of the brew, only Zaira Tea in packaged form will satisfy your senses.

The cropping season begins in March and lasts until December. Forest area has been cleared to yield breathtaking tea gardens. With plantations spread on the banks of Brahmaputra river. Tourists take a stroll in and around the tea gardens. Interacting with workers watering the plants or picking tea leaves is a delightful experience. During Assam Tea Festival, organized in November, visitors flock to the tea gardens to witness Guwahati Tea Auction and enjoy a cruise on the river.

History of Assam Tea

People of Bodo tribe are known to have brought tea into Assam. Kudos to Robert Bruce for discovering Assam tea plant. He noticed the plant growing wild in the hills near Rangpur in 1823 during his trading mission. The leaves of these plants were sent to the Botanical gardens. These matched with the species of the China tea plant. In 1839, the first company for growing and making tea was set up in Assam. In 1862, Assam Tea industry comprised 160 gardens, which were owned by five public companies and 57 private companies.

Long Lasting Freshness

Is there a better way to start your hectic day than sipping a cup of Assam tea? Assam tea – famous for its briskness, malty flavour and strong colour – is exported everywhere in the world as a breakfast tea. More than half of the tea produced in India is grown in the low lying areas in Assam. Around 400 million kg of tea comes from Assam tea gardens situated in Jorhat – also known as the ‘Tea Capital of The World’.

These are some amazing facts that remind us of the global popularity of Assam tea. If you are able to savour the original taste of Assam brew, there is no better option than trying out Zaira Tea before your reach a conclusion about how to get the best variety.

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