Winter and Tea – An Eternal Bond

Winter delights you in more ways than one. With so much to look forward to in this season of chills and thrills, tea is perhaps one of the preferred ways to warm up every morning. Beat the chill with a hot cup of tea at home or at a roadside tea stall. This season blossoms special love for the hot brew and there is nothing more romantic than sipping a morning cuppa with your partner. As the piping hot beverage enters your body, you are almost immediately energised to kick-start the magical day. 

Cold and tea bond well in winters. Winter and tea are like two inseparable lovers. You cannot keep yourself restricted to a cup or two. Wherever you go, you feel like having another hot cup on the way. Whenever you meet a person, he offers you a cup of steaming tea and you cannot refuse it. An extra cup is always welcome – a sign of warmth in the cherished relationship.

This affection for tea in winter is not just limited to the Indian scenario. Even abroad, tea rules the hearts and works like a strong defence against the heavy cold outside. Look out through the window in snowy winters with a cup of hot tea – and stay protected. The experience of drinking something warm and curative makes people extend their warmth to this beverage. 

Indian winters are made special with tea. It adds warmth and comfort to beat the chill. In every household, tea is consumed several times in a day. Be it morning time when you need to warm up, or evening time when you need to sip something hot to stay warm, tea is welcome also during the daytime. There must be something genuinely strong that makes the relationship between tea and winter eternal.

  • Healthy Start

Tea improves your health and lifestyle. When your body is vulnerable to flu and cold in winter, this amazing brew provides the warmth you desperately need.

  • Warmth, Love, and Energy 

When it becomes difficult to crawl out of the cosy bed and the blanket, your cup of piping hot tea proves to be an effective stimulant to charge you up for the day ahead. A morning brew gets you started whereas a late afternoon cup gives you energy and mental agility to slog for some more hours.

 Mixing different flavours from your kitchen cabinet – like ginger or cardamom – makes a regular cup of tea remarkable. Traditionally, ginger has been used to restore health.

  • Spice it up

Add a dash of spice to your cup of tea and it brings you on the right track. Try black tea with peppermint or lemongrass to experience one of its most effective forms. Try new variants and you will be surprised by the wonderful taste.

The winters are here and so is the tea. Indulge in a cup of luxury and experience bliss!

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