How is Zaira Tea the Taste of Luxury?

zaira premium tea in india

This question is important for those who have not tasted Zaira tea yet. But for those who have already sipped it, it is a known fact that it qualifies as one of the finest teas in the world. Quite expectedly, they are brimming with heady praise for the premium tea brand from India.

Your dilemma is understandable. Picking the best tea brand for yourself and family is an uphill task. With so many brands claiming to be the best in the cluttered market, you find it difficult to make the appropriate choice. Therefore, Zaira tea offers you a complete list of reasons that you should consider while buying tea.

To begin with, Zaira tea is the world’s greatest luxury tea. This specialty tea occupies a premium slot in the community of tea drinkers the world over. It takes years of hard work and commitment to quality in order to achieve such global recognition. When you hold a packet of Zaira tea, you get a feel of what you are holding is nothing less than the best.

Let us take a look at some key attributes that make Zaira tea your much-preferred brand of tea.

Original, distinct flavour

What makes a tea brand stand out is the original and distinct flavour of the tea. When it comes to retaining the original quality, Zaira tea makes no compromise in any manner whatsoever. It gives you the rich experience of drinking freshly-plucked tea in a garden estate.

Tie up with tea estates

Direct procurement from the best tea estates in the country is another key strength. It was a wise decision to introduce this practice and eliminate middlemen so that the finest teas reach you with minimum bottlenecks. Tea made during the second flush period from May to July is what Zaira tea concentrates on. This gives us the healthiest, non-blended teas you can trust to derive anti-oxidants in abundant measure.

Wide variety

Zaira tea is unique as it is handpicked and there is a huge variety of tea – Black, Darjeeling, Green, Oolong, White, or Speciality tea – at incredibly low prices to make the purchase pocket-friendly for all since it is a popular beverage with the masses. Think of any variety and Zaira tea offers it to you. Our expertise makes you wonder how we manage to bring such luxury at affordable rates.


Let us highlight another forte we take pride in. We store the produce in de-humified rooms so that the leaves retain character and taste irrespective of time lapse. Such meticulous attention to storage facilities is what makes Zaira tea superior in more ways than one.

For those who drink tea as a lifestyle choice and take it further to the exalted status of opulence, Zaira tea makes the cut.

Go for it and enjoy what original tea tastes like.

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